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T.REX has been projected to be used standing, not only for technical motives that allow a best visibility and dynamism of use of it, but also to fight the sedentariness, to which the greatest part of the means of transport force us.

Important medical studies prove that standing is comparable to going to the gym or take a nice run, thus increasing the life. Remain standing on T.REX allows therefore a consumption of calories almost 5 times superior in comparison to be to sit, contemporarily saving however our articulations in those daily activities, today considered exhausting.

The study of the height and angle of the handlebar comply in all the latest research in the field of ergonomics, thus allowing a correct posture which results in less fatigue during the use of the mean.

On T.REX we appear therefore in our maximum expression of physicality, a characteristic that contributes to a positive and dynamic of the user.