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Why choose T.REX

T.REX is a genial idea that associates the great stability of the mean, assured by three wheels, to the efficiency of a standing use, which improves the visibility and driving dynamics.

A brilliant mobile platform that with its generous plan allows us, further to a rapid slope, the ability to carry items, also heavy, with extreme facility.

His contained dimensions, with a track width of only 63 cm., guarantee passage through any door and his system of traction patented it allows the T.REX to practically rotate on his own axle (ray 0).

Increase personal productivity has been the buzzword that has inspired our designers and that's why T.REX is born with redundant constructive characteristics and generous autonomies (50/100 km), these arguments necessary to face intense work cycles, even on different terrain and rough terrain.

Numerous applications that perfectly fits our midst, between these activities of supervision and control of indoor and outdoor areas (airports, stations, hospitals, shopping malls, exhibition areas, urban areas), the activities of logistics (stores), handling of bulky items with the use of additional carts (wineries, nurseries, farms, production), tourism (tours citizens, campsites), promotional activities (advertising) and not least the personal urban mobility. These are just some of the fields in which T.REX moves with agility, offering solutions at affordable costs that were previously unthinkable.