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The best technology is the one that does not exist!

A phrase from the double meaning that has inspired us in the planning of the T.REX, addressing us in the creation of something that does not exist on the market yet but at the same time to give up unnecessary complications. In this way we have wanted to reinterpret the personal mobility with new technological contents, but in simple way, translating this rule in guarantee of good operation and assistance in the time reduced to zero.

T.REX brings on board gel batteries that operate through electronic circuits, an electric motor of great power, which guarantees speed of about 25 km / h for distances of about 50 km per charge (100 km opt.).

A sturdy frame, created to resist even in the marine environment, is dressed in a monocoque ABS modern and elegant.

The traction of the mean is anterior, a characteristic that increases stability at high speeds.

T.REX is an exercise of ingenuity and style that offers many qualities, including an easy guide, fluid and intuitive, accompanied by a great manageability, thanks to the redoubts dimensions of the mean.